Is your social media activity helping? Or hindering?


In today’s age of social media, information about prospective candidates is more readily available online, and recruiters will go beyond the traditional reference check phone call in search of anything about you. This involves accessing and scrutinising your social media activity, and gathering as much information to use to gain an idea of your character. Furthermore, this research probably occurs before they have even met you. It’s important to ensure that you manage your social media activity in the right way, to support your brand and not inadvertently damage it in any way.

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Keep These Four Ideas In Mind When Choosing a Major

Education Empowers

As an increasingly hungry job market seeks college students to fill positions after graduation, it’s easy to see college as a career mill, only intended to prepare students for a career as quickly as possible. Taking that approach to college, though, robs students of the opportunities and discoveries that a broader education provides. Many students arrive at college with one idea of their future only to realize that there are other roads to both personal and professional success. As a result, an increasing number of students change their majors while in school, leading to added coursework, pushing back graduation dates and creating more student debt.

Finding that balance between a focused game plan for a degree and being open to the new horizons that college presents can be tricky, with the choice of a college major being the trickiest part of all. The commitment to a course of study isn’t…

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Top five tips for online job seekers

Panos Manolopoulos, managing partner at executive-search firm Stanton Chase in the Middle East, gives Benchmark Middle East his five tips for how to best present yourself online when looking for a job.

Panos Manolopoulos

 Take care of your public profile

“Right now, fortunately or unfortunately, we are all public figures. When we are hiring anybody, if you were to Google a name, you might not see only the professional profile of a candidate. But you might have access to a Facebook page, postings on blogs, which may not contribute to a positive public image. So if someone wants to be well perceived in the market, they have to take care of their overall public space.”

 Less is more when posting online

“People tend to bombard their public profiles, even on LinkedIn, with hundreds of different things. It can be hard to understand what these people are doing. So it’s better…

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